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How do we decide what the best portable chargers are?

#1. Build Quality

Build Quality is very high on our list of important factors to consider because it can affect so many other elements. It is closely linked with reliability, cost, longevity, and user satisfaction as well. Buying a quality portable charger from only a trusted company with a reasonable warranty and reputation for build quality is the best scenario for most products, not just portable chargers or power banks. It’s impossible to base a products build quality on simply how it looks or is perceived because this doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of what’s inside. Many manufactures like to create a very good looking product, but not all of them know how to create something that also has the internal quality to go along with the fancy exterior.

#2. Overall Features

We like to base our portable charger reviews based on the useful features of the product (what most users will need) and mostly disregard a lot of the nonessential features that some of them include. As an example, certain brands tend to slap on some extra flashing lights or extra cheap low power output USB ports. Some have multiple LED displays or flashlights that will rarely be looked at or used by most. So it’s important to factor this in and not just be sold on some of the seemingly fancy features that may not be needed. Taking this into consideration can almost always save your wallet while still getting you the high quality portable charger you need with all the features you will use and none that you will not use.

#3. Value For Your Dollar

Our value rating takes into account the other ratings as well (Product Reliability, Features, Build Quality). It’s not wise to simply recommend the most expensive or fully featured portable charger for everyone because you don’t always get what you pay for in every case. Why pay for features that you will never use? Consider your individual needs and purchase your charger based on them.. Do you need to travel a lot with a charger or to charge more than one device at a time? If portability is a factor for you but also having a high capacity then we usually recommend getting two more portable chargers rather than one larger, less portable, charger. Do plenty of research online and pay attention to the customer reviews before making your final value decision.

#4. Product Reliability

Product reliability is fairly closely tied with overall build quality and you really cannot have one without the other. You want your portable charger to work flawlessly so you’re not stuck with a dead device when you least expect it. It needs to operate for countless hours and last through years of regular use. On top of this if you ever do have an issue with your charger you need that product to be backed up by a strong warranty and we prefer at least 1 year to be on the safe side.